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Written or Spoken Japanese is more than 35% in different areas of world. The Japanese language is the most widely used and modern standard Japanese is greatly used in reading writing and all in normal usage. Japanese is getting used for best education and professional career options in most of the foreign countries.

To get fluent oral and written knowledge about Japanese language it needs best in class training from best institute. Croma Campus’s main aim is training of Japanese Language Classes in Noida for students and working professionals. We provide the best language learning service with good quality and ultimate accuracy consists of experienced trainers. Our team has a solid background in Japanese language training based on live projects.

With Croma Campus Japanese program, you can:

  • Get full satisfied with best vocal training
  • Avail best better and better results! For Japanese language
  • Be Japanese trained in oral, written, vocal and fluent speaking.
  • Listening skills development
  • Pronunciation and accent development
  • Benefits in reading skills
  • Fluent in telephone skills in Japanese
  • Japanese Email skills development

The Japanese language training are for those are willing to server in gulf countries. Getting Japanese language certified may provide way for more career opportunities. Croma Campus offers professional Japanese training services from English to Japanese and Japanese to English. We are one of the top leading foreign Japanese Language Course in Noida.

Croma Campus Services committed 100% authentic services within affordable cost to the students and training aspirants. We offer intense class room sessions provide with excellent opportunity to make your Japanese skills ultimate. Our specially designed training formula actively helps students in the learning process. Classroom activities are designed to match students’ interests.


Entry Requirement

  • Croma Campus Beginner 1

Program Schedule

  • Monday – Friday: 10:00AM – 13:00PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 10:00AM – 12:30PM & 13:00PM to 15:30PM

We also provide specially arranged wakened classed for working professionals at attractive prices!!!

Program Level & Length

  • Beginner Level N5+N4

Start by learning basic Japanese with easy learning program and learning modules which offer best in class for beginners.

  • Intermediate Level N3+N2

For those with a some understanding in Japanese and want to take their skills to next level to aims for such training.

  • Advanced Level N1

Enabling it up a top level, higher level Japanese training course to test and improve the quality of Japanese in any aspirants.

60 hours each level*(approximately 4-weeks of study). We have special and flexible training entry dates mean students can enroll at any time during a session. For more details please visit our Croma Campus.

Program Levels

After 60-hours of study, students are given a progress check, which includes:

  • An oral assessment (60%)
  • Grammar, reading, listening and vocabulary (40%)
  • Fluent communication using Japanese language

Course Descriptions

  • Introduction to the Alphabet, Primary Letters
  • Well versed with Pronunciation
  • Knowledge in Supplementary Letters and writing
  • In-depth sessions covering grammar including Phonology, Consonant and Vowels.
  • Hands-on knowledge about Japanese culture including food cuisine, dressing styles and social life activities.
  • Effective and knowledge driven focus on spoken and writing Japanese including business related work in French
  • Project based training and focus on short Vowels, language typing and email writing.

Where’s the usage and career need of Japanese today?

Japanese is widely spoken and used language in most of the countries for personal and business usages. It is official language of many top-rated countries and widely usable for career options. So if you are looking for best career options in Japanese language, contact Croma Campus for free session. You can also contact us by enquiry enquiry@cromacampus.in for updated details.


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Rated 13 out of 4 Ratings
21,Dec 2018

German as I had read about on the internet was described as one of the most complicated languages with some very long words. That was my first impression until I went through the gates of Croma Campus. I had shifted from another place to Noida just for learning German and it was scary but the first class itself made me realize that it can be done due to the huge efforts put in by Kapil sir in simplification of all the concepts and the method of expressing the rules.

21,Dec 2018

Croma Campus is a new era of the education system for German Language studies. It provides a better environment for education. If you like to go in depth of the German Then it is THE BEST PLACE to learn. As i have learned from here and succeed. Many thanks to Kapil sir who help me to get my Perfection in German language.

21,Dec 2018

It was a very extensive course and the instructor is one of the best trainer have ever encountered. An excellent course with the right amount of Training and practice. The group was excellent too and the trainer was very well informed. I really enjoyed it! And recommend it to my colleagues.

21,Dec 2018

2- Got a very good trainer as provided by the institute. it helped me complete within specified time. will recommend you guys for joining. Institute Staff helped me out with all their best possible way and made me comfortable with the environment. Thanks to all of them. all the best to the future ones

21,Dec 2018

Excellent environment to learn. The faculties are very friendly. The study materials are very good. The method of teaching is very good and are very easy to grasp.

20,Dec 2018

very very thanks full

20,Dec 2018

best institute

28,Sep 2018

We're In The Business Of Helping You Start Your Business

28,Sep 2018

We're In The Business Of Helping You Start Your Business

28,Sep 2018

Helping Business Security & Peace of Mind for Your Family

28,Sep 2018

Helping Business Security & Peace of Mind for Your Family

28,Sep 2018

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26,Sep 2018

Helping Business Security & Peace of Mind for Your Family


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I'm a beginner. Will the teacher translate in English/Hindi?

Our teachers are trained to maximise your exposure to the target language during your lessons. They will predominantly use the target language and encourage you to do so. The teacher should be able to clarify meaning through teaching aids like pictures and mime. If you still have trouble understanding something then your teacher will help however they can.

What teaching methods will my teacher use?

All our teachers are native speakers and hold an International House Teacher Training Certificate. Lessons focus on oral communication and include work on reading, writing and grammar. From the first lesson your teacher will speak in the target language. They will use teaching aids such as audio, video, pictures and mime, to help you understand. Being immersed in the language requires you to actively work out meaning which improves your ability to remember and recall what you have learnt.

What if I select the wrong level?

The first lesson you attend is diagnostic. Your teacher will assess your level and needs, and make any adjustment necessary to your course schedule.

Is there an exam at the end of the course?

No. The focus of our courses is on improving the your ability. Our teachers and teaching methods allow students make good progress at their own pace. There is no exam but an Attendance Certificate can be issued at the end of the course on request.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Attendance certificates are available on request at the end of the course.


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