Arabic Language Classes in Noida | Arabic Language Course in Noida

Croma Campus main aim is training of Arabic language for local and international companies in India. We provide the best language learning service with good quality and ultimate ac Read More

Chinese Language Classes in Noida | Chinese Language Courses in Noida

Learning any foreign language is the be the best way to open the path to a lot of other success and career opportunities. Croma Campus language Classes conducts best in class Read More

Czech Language Classes in Noida | Czech Language Course in Noida

Czech Language is one of the top most and widely used language across the globe. More than 10+ million people are using this global language for personal and official usage both. As we all know tha Read More

Danish Language Classes in Noida | Danish Language Courses in Noida

Due to its geographical location, Denmark is an important distribution point for Europe. Its top exports include machinery, pharmaceuticals and agricultural produce such as meat, fish, eggs and che Read More

Dutch Language Classes in Noida | Dutch Language Course in Noida

Croma campus distinguished itself as the leading Dutch Language Courses in Noida. Our Dutch Language Courses in Noida. Consultants or trainers are highly skilled a Read More

French Language Classes in Noida | French Language Course in Noida

About French Language

Now a day more than 200+ million people use to speak French as their primary language. French is getting widely used in more than 5 continents. This Read More

German Language Classes in Noida | German Language Course in Noida

Now a day more than 200+ million people use to speak German as their primary language. German is getting widely used in more than 5 continents. This is the second most commonly used foreign languag Read More

Hindi Language Classes in Noida | Hindi Language Course in Noida

About Hindi Language

Now a day we can see that more than 360 million people use Hindi as their mode of communication worldwide.  Hindi is getting widely used as Read More

Japanese Language Classes in Noida | Japanese Language Course in Noida

Written or Spoken Japanese is more than 35% in different areas of world. The Japanese language is the most widely used and modern standard Japanese is greatly used in reading writing and all in nor Read More

Korean Language Classes in Noida | Korean Language Course in Noida

Getting degree from country of your choice or getting dream job, first we need to break communication barrier by learning Korean Language Classes in Noida Croma Ca Read More

Persian Language Classes in Noida | Persian Language Course in Noida

Persian, also known as Farsi, is the official language of Iran. It is also one of the two major languages spoken in Afghanistan and the main language in Tajikistan. The characters (alphabets) of Pe Read More

Portuguese Language Classes in Noida | Portuguese Language Course in Noida

Portuguese is the world’s 6th most spoken language from known major languages. It is spoken by more than 250 million people in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Macau. Port Read More

Pashto (Afghani) Language Classes in Noida | Pashto (Afghani) Language Course in Noida

Pashto is the mother tongue language of Afghanistan. More than 20 billion people use Pashto across the globe. Majorly in the east, south, and southwest, part of country. If you are planning for stu Read More

Russian Language Classes in Noida | Russian Language Course in Noida

Russian is one of the most widely spoken native languages in Europe and Asia as it is native language of 142 million citizens of Russian Federation, the largest country in the world. Beyond the cur Read More

Spanish Language Classes in Noida | Spanish Language Course in Noida

The Spanish Language is the second most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin-Chinese). There are more than 472 million people in the world who Speak Spanish language. Read More

Swedish Language Classes in Noida | Swedish Language Course in Noida

Swedish language is originally a German language being used in north Germany and Sweden. Spoken by millions of people, the Swedish language contains 29 alphabets and three additional special letter Read More

Thai Language Classes in Noida | Thai Language Course in Noida


Croma Campus is the best foreign language institute offering Thai language course in Delhi.  Our uniqueness is we offer courses in more than 50 foreign language Read More

Turkish Language Classes in Noida | Turkish Language Course in Noida

Turkish (Türkçe), the westernmost of the Turkic languages, belongs to the Turkic branch of the Altaic language family. Turkey, by land mass, is positioned 95% i Read More

Ukrainian Language Classes in Noida | Ukrainian Language Course in Noida

Ukrainian is one of the Slavic languages. This means that it resembles in syntax and vocabulary languages such as Polish, Russian, and Belorussian. It belongs to the Indo-European family of languag Read More

Norwegian Language Classes in Noida | Norwegian Language Courses in Noida

Looking for study and job options in Norway, Start Norwegian language learning today from Croma Campus. After getting certified from Croma you can swiftly learn Norwegian to speak, write and unders Read More

Hebrew Language Classes in Noida | Hebrew Language Course in Noida

Hebrew is talked by 9 million individuals around the world, the greater part of these living in Israel where it is an official dialect close by Hebrew. The United States has the second-biggest Hebr Read More

Catalan Language Classes in Noida | Catalan Language Course in Noida

Why Learn Catalan? 

Albeit Catalan is a generally little-known dialect, it is said to be the eighth-most talked dialect in the European Union, with a comparable numb Read More

Croatian language Classes in Noida | Croatian Language Course in Noida

Croatian dialect courses are conveyed utilizing a demonstrated technique, which will give you the certainty to talk and write in Croatian, and offer you a proceeded with feeling of movement and acc Read More

Italian Language Classes in Noida | Italian Language Course in Noida

Italian course is a best training in Croma Campus are conveyed utilizing a demonstrated technique, which will give you the certainty to talk and write in Italian, and offer you a proceeded wit Read More

English Language Classes in Noida | English Language Course in Noida

English Language

Read More
Mongolian Language Classes in Noida | Mongolian Language Course in Noida

Mongolian dialect courses are conveyed utilizing a demonstrated technique, which will give you the certainty to talk and write in Mongolian, and offer you a proceeded with feeling of movement and a Read More


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